Better Built Bed Mat & Accessories

Better Built is a company that specializes in the manufacture of different truck accessories, running boards, tool boxes and racks. Better built is a leading name in the aftermarket truck accessories industry. The company is now currently owned by the Daws Manufacturing Company. It was acquired in 1989 and began specializing in the manufacture of toolboxes for trucks. It is officially known as Betterbuilt Company. It manufactures truck tool boxes and other accessories out of high quality aluminum and steel. Reinforced aluminum is the preferred material for truck bed racks and running boards because it is lightweight. On the other hand, steel is the preferred material for toolboxes.

Most of the products of Better Built are made from metal materials, either aluminum or steel. However, there are other products that Better Built manufactures that are not made from metal. Better Built bed mat is one such product. Better Built bed mat is made from rubber material. It can be purchased in one piece or in several pieces. It can cover the whole truck bed area. Its main purpose is to provide extra traction on the surface of the truck bed. It can also protect the truck bed against impact and corrosion. It insulates the truck bed area from electrical discharges.

Better Built bed mats are generally available in black. Its surface has grooves and ridges as well as other more elaborate designs to maximize traction. It can be glued on the surface of the truck bed or simply laid on its surface. Cargoes are more secured because of the extra traction provided by the bed mat. Noise and vibrations are also cushioned by the bed mat. When the truck is carrying load, road bumps and engine vibrations are transmitted to the load. Even if the load is properly harnessed, it will still jump a bit due to vibrations. However, the bed mat reduces the impact. Here at Parts Train, we have various brands of bed mats at very affordable price.