Better Built Bed Cap & Accessories

Better Built is a leading company in the manufacture of high quality aluminum and steel truck tool boxes, accessories, running boards, and truck racks. The company specializes on aftermarket automotive products for trucks. Most of its products are made from metal materials, but it also offers other products that are constructed out of fiberglass and other composite materials. Better Built bed cap is an example of a product that is not constructed out of metallic materials. Better Built bed cap is installed on top of the truck bed walls. Its main function is to protect the bed rails from impact and corrosion. It also serves as structural frame for a tonneau cover. It is typically constructed out of fiber glass.

Bed caps are not only functional accessories, they also serve aesthetic purpose. Truck bed caps are available in many color schemes. You can choose appropriate color schemes to accentuate the paint finish of your vehicle. The truck bed cap is highly resistant to impacts. Hence, it can effectively protect the truck bed walls of your vehicle. Conversely, it also protects the cargoes by covering the sharp edges of the bed walls. You do not need to worry about scraping the paint finish of the truck bed wall. On the other hand, the varnish finish of your favorite furniture is not at risk of being scratched when you load the furniture to the truck bed.

Bed caps have smooth flat surface that can effectively shield the metal part of the tuck wall against impact or scratches. Although the bed cap itself is not totally impregnable from scratches, it is highly resistant and resilient. Scratches rarely produce obvious scars. Dents are not formed because bed caps are highly flexible. Installing a tonneau cover is easier if you already have a pre-installed bed cap. The bed cap will serve as the main support structure of the tonneau cover. Here at Parts Train, you can find the best aftermarket bed caps being offered online.