Bestop Windshield Channel & Accessories

Bestop windshield channel is an accessory exclusively for jeeps. It is important in the installation of jeep bikini soft top. It serves as a holder of the bikini top. It also serves as seal that prevents rain from entering the cockpit. Windshield channels are rubber strips that are molded to hold the bikini top. Installing windshield channel is simple and convenient. It does not require drilling or welding. It will only take a few minutes to install. It does not require special handyman skills to do the job correctly. Even ordinary jeep owners can easily install windshield channels. However, caution should be taken in selecting windshield channels and bikini tops. There are specific windshield channels for specific bikini tops. They are not interchangeable.

As the name suggests, windshield channels are installed on top of the windshield rim. Typically, a jeep has a foldable windshield. This foldable windshield pivots on two hinges. It can be folded forward when the jeep is not running at high speed. The foldable windshield of the jeep is a concept with military origin. Originally, the jeep was a military personnel vehicle that is capable of traversing many types of terrains. A gunner usually needs enough clearance in order to shoot freely. Thus, the jeep windshield is foldable. The windshield design also allowed optimal visual field when the windshield itself becomes too dirty.

A windshield channel is comprised of two parts – one for the left side and the other for the right side. When a bikini top is attached to the windshield channel, the windshield channel serves as seal. It prevents rain and other elements from entering the cockpit area. A windshield channel acts as wedge that secure the bikini top in place. It is also flexible enough to allow some degree of movement to counteract strong wind. Finding the right windshield channel is easy here at Parts Train. We offer a wide selection of windshield channel.