Bestop Wind Screen & Accessories

Bestop wind screen is specifically for jeeps. Wind screen is also called windjammer. It is available in black denim motif. It is installed at the back of the cockpit of the jeep. It allows air to flow inside the cockpit but diverts strong winds, rain and dust from entering the cockpit. It also helps in maintaining the warmth of the cockpit during cold weather. It features a convenient rollup doggie door for the easy access to the items such as tools that may be found at the rear of the vehicle. Installing the Bestop windscreen is simple and convenient. It has straps, buckles, and patented rail system that allow it to be attached at a breeze.

Wind screens are simple yet effective devices that aid in maintaining comfort inside the jeep cockpit. It can be conveniently attached to the center sports bar of the jeep. Jeeps are typically not sealed like other vehicles such a SUVs and pickup trucks. Most jeeps use only soft top to shelter the cockpit against rain and other elements. This setup is advantageous if you use the jeep in off-road driving. You can enjoy the open air while riding the jeep. The jeep is also easily accessible. On the other hand, during emergencies, you can easily escape the jeep. You will not be trapped inside.

However, the open air set up of the jeep has some clear disadvantages. One disadvantage is when it is raining, the cockpit of the jeep can easily get wet. Another disadvantage is the wind. A strong wind can carry large amount of dust and debris that can easily enter the cockpit of the jeep. Thankfully, however, there are wind screens such as the Bestop wind screen that can be installed in the jeep to protect it against the rain and wind. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best aftermarket wind screens at very affordable price.