Bestop Tire Cover & Accessories

A Bestop tire cover is either made from hard plastic or from synthetic waterproof leather. A tire cover is a case that covers the spare tire of the vehicle. It protects the spare tire from the ravages of the elements. It prevents a brand new spare tire from premature deterioration. Temperature fluctuations, heat of the sun and rain can significantly damage the rubber of the spare tire. These factors can also cause corrosion to the metal part of the spare tire. Prolong exposure to the sun and other destructive elements may cause the rubber of the spare tire to crack or lose its elasticity.

A tire cover may also serve aesthetic purpose. It may contain pictures or sports logos. You can personalize a tire cover by adding stickers or embroideries. Although hard plastic tire cover is more durable, it is also more expensive. It may even cost just a little bit lower than the spare tire itself. Hence, most vehicle owners prefer the much affordable synthetic leather tire cover. A tire cover perfectly fits the spare tire like cloth attire. Since tires have standard sizes, the size of the tire cover should be in consonance with the size of the tire. When you are purchasing a tire cover, you should know the specific size of the spare tire of your vehicle.

Tire covers are not only functional, they are also aesthetically attractive. A tire cover can accentuate the paint finish of your vehicle if it has the appropriate contrasting color. Having a tire cover also projects an image of being new. Older jeeps or SUVs may appear brand new if it has a brand new tire cover. All you may need to do is to repaint or clean your vehicle and install a new tire cover to make it appear brand new. Here at Parts Train, you can be assured that the aftermarket tire covers that we sell are of highest quality.