Bestop Tinted Window Kit & Accessories

Bestop tinted window kit allows you to be protected against ultraviolet rays, heat and glare. It also allows you to enjoy your privacy. However, you should be careful installing a tinted window kit. Some states have laws that prohibit tinted windows. Bestop tinted window kit, however, is available in permanent and temporary setups. A Bestop tinted window kit can be installed directly on the windows without the need for removing the windows. Typically, a tinted window kit is a polyether tinted plastic that can be plastered on the window like wall paper. Tinted window kits have adhesives that allow them to be stick on the window.

Bestop tinted window kit is available for SUVs, pickup trucks, and jeeps. In jeeps, the tinted window kit is part of the soft top cover. It is typically integrated into the soft cover. It is typically made from cellophane material that is measured to fit the window contour of the jeep. Tinted window kit is especially useful if you plan to drive through a desert or go on a safari in the wilderness. Tinted windows can protect you from the heat and destructive ultra violet rays of the sun. On the other hand, tinted window kits can be installed on the glass surface of the windshield or window of an SUV or pickup truck.

You can cut the cellophane to get the right measurement that you need. Installing tinted window kit on the windshield requires different approach. Typically, not all the surface area of the windshield is covered. It is only the upper part that is covered. Bestop tinted window kit is 31 percent tinted. Covering the whole windshield would significantly reduce the visibility of the road, especially at night. Tinted window kit on a windshield only covers about one-fourth of the windshield area.. It is typically installed on the upper, interior surface of the windshield. Here at Part Train, you can conveniently order a Betstop tinted window kit. Simply put your order online.