Bestop Spare Tire Carrier & Accessories

Bestop is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of tops and accessories for jeeps, SUVs and pickup trucks. Bestop spare tire carrier is one of the products the company manufactures. It is has three main designs specifically for jeeps, SUVs and pickup trucks. It is typically installed at the back of the vehicle. It is comprised of a frame, a cylindrical holder with bolts and mounting hardware. Some designs for SUVs have hinges that allow the spare tire carrier to be retracted when the tailgate is opened. On the other hand, some designs do not have bolts. The spare tire is simply contained within a frame that can be locked and unlocked.

Spare tires are very important for vehicles that are used in off-road driving. There are no mechanic shops in the mountains or forests. Hence, if one of the tires were punctured or become deflated, there would be no immediate automotive assistance that you can expect. However, if all the tires of your vehicle are brand new, tire blowouts seldom happen. Typically, if one of the tires becomes deflated, it simply requires to be inflated. A manually operated tire pump can do the job. On the other hand, if the deflation is actually caused by tire blowout or puncture, it needs to be replaced with the spare tire.

Strictly speaking, spare tires are not really tires. Rather, they are complete wheels with rims. Installing a spare tire will require you to first remove the defective tire. You will need a hydraulic jack to lift the side of the vehicle with defective tire. You will also need automotive wrenches to remove the defective tire and install the new one. The spare tire holder typically looks similar to the axle wheel attachment of the vehicle. It also has bolts where the spare tire can be secured. Here at Parts Train, we have a wide range of options for spare tire carriers for different types of vehicle.