Bestop Door Skin Cloth & Accessories

When it comes to jeep accessories, Bestop is a trusted name. Bestop specializes in the manufacture of soft top, hard tops and other accessories for jeeps. The Bestop door skin cloth is one of the many products of the company that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. A door skin cloth is typically woven out of water proof synthetic fibers such as nylon. It is installed on a jeep to serve as a removable upper door part. It has small holes with metal rings on the edges. The metal rings serve as structural support for the holes so that the fabric may not easily be ripped. The door skin cloth is fasted to the pins on the jeep door frame through the holes of the door skin cloth.

Removable door skin cloths have the advantage of being lightweight and resistant to the elements. They are easily removable that during emergency situations, the jeep passengers can easily escape through the doors. Most jeeps are designed to have cockpits that are exposed to open air. Since jeeps are designed to be used for off-road applications such as mountain or forest explorations, it is important that jeeps have open cockpits for optimal 360-degree view and easy access. Enjoying the great outdoors is inconvenient if you are sealed inside your vehicle. On the other hand, the weather is not always sunny. There are times that rain may pour. This can upset your enjoyment. Hence, jeeps are also equipped with removable tops and doors.

Removable tops and doors allow flexibility and versatility. The jeep riders have the option of installing or removing the tops and doors without the need for special tools or skills. The tops and doors can easily be snapped in place. They can also easily be removed by simply unfastening the pins. Parts Train offers the best aftermarket door skin cloth at very affordable price.