Bestop Door Sill Cover & Accessories

A Bestop door sill cover serves both functional and aesthetic purpose. It is typically constructed out of molded rubber sheet that can be installed on the door sill. It protects the door sill from abrasions and corrosion. It helps in sealing the cabin against smoke, dust and noise from the outside. On the other hand, the door sill cover can be custom fitted. It is available in different color and design motifs that can enhance the attractiveness of the door sill of any vehicle. Some door sill covers also feature luminous colors that glow in the dark. These types of door sills are particularly useful during at night. They can aid the passengers in boarding or un-boarding the vehicle. Passenger will be able to easily see the step of the door.

Door sill covers also help in increasing the safety of the door sill by providing extra friction. Stepping on the door sill will provide extra footing for the passengers. Door sill covers are also effective seals that can help in preventing water from seeping into the cabin. For instance, if an SUV were crossing a stream, a substantial portion of the vehicle might be submerged. If the door sills are not properly sealed water will easily seep into the cabin of the vehicle, drowning the interior carpet. Door sill covers are typically installed using automotive glue. However, screws may also be used to secure the door sill cover in place.

Door sill covers may also function as door mats. Some dirt under the shoes of the passengers can easily be removed by wiping the shoes on the door sill cover. However, this practice may be detrimental to the door sill cover. If you are looking for the best door sill cover that can be installed on the door sill of your vehicle, look no further. Parts Train is the one stop online shop that offers various aftermarket automotive products and accessories, including door sill covers.