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When a guy and a girl are perfect for each other, sparks will definitely fly between them. Whether it's the first time they meet or are already celebrating their fifth anniversary, a perfect couple will always have an undeniable spark that can ignite and nurture their flame of love. The ignition system of your car needs to have the perfect love story too so it can continuously produce sparks that will power your car. For a constant spark, your engine must be partnered with the perfect ignition components. Otherwise, the parts will fail to transmit the high levels of voltage from the ignition coil to the individual spark plugs. To get that right spark, you need to depend on Beru ignition parts, a global automotive brand that specializes in efficient ignition technology and diesel cold start systems.

Headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany and established by Behr and Ruprecht, the company first manufactured spark plugs in 1912. After initially breaking through the ignition technology field and testing the waters for several years, Beru developed the first glow plugs in 1929 and the company ventured into the diesel cold-start field thereafter. The developments of the company progressed with the productions of dual-coil glow plugs and ignition coils. Pretty soon, the brand has become a household name for most car enthusiasts and a recognized OEM supplier worldwide.

With quite a few awards tucked under its belt, the company now has a wide range of aftermarket parts, from electronics, sensors, wiper blades, and even automotive lighting. Now globally known as BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH, the company currently supplies high-quality aftermarket parts to well-known distributors worldwide. With its Research and Development center, the company makes sure their factories will only manufacture environmentally friendly automotive parts. With Beru parts, your car will experience enhanced fuel economy and less exhaust emissions.

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