Bendix Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit & Accessories

It is of course to be expected that your wheel cylinder will eventually wear out. When this time comes, it can potentially cause serious braking problems or worse brake failure. Hence, you really have to replace the damaged wheel cylinder in order to restore the brakes to like-new condition. The god news is wheel cylinders are basically not costly and add only little cost of a complete brake job. In most cases, they are easy to replace without requiring much extra effort especially if you are pulling the drums to check and replace the rear linings already.

Note that there are a couple of risks when you reuse old cylinders. This is actually similar to the case of disc brake calipers. There is a great chance that piston seals become brittle and hard as they age. The best way to reduce the risk of problems and to stretch the lifespan of the braking system is to replace the wheel cylinder and caliper as well. As far as technicians are concerned, the days of rebuilding wheel cylinders is almost over. Rebuilding is pretty much like a repair option although it takes time and increases the risk of a 'comeback' if you fail to do it perfectly.

Definitely, light honing will not restore an excessively worn or pitted wheel cylinder. One more thing, a honed cylinder remains to have more clearance than a new one. Bottom line, replacing the component is still the best way to be safe. Speaking of replacement, you are lucky to have reached us. Parts Train has something for you from Bendix. We got Bendix wheel cylinder repair kit intended to replace your stock. By browsing through our comprehensive online catalog, you will get to see the Bendix complete line of products.