Bendix Wheel Cylinder & Accessories

Although the wheel cylinder is not a high tech component, you cannot discount the fact that that it has a crucial role particularly in the drum brakes. The hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder pushes the two pistons inside each wheel cylinder outward in order to force the brake shoes against the drums and apply the brakes when the brake pedal is pressed. And when it is released, you return the spring pull shoes back away from the drums and push the wheel cylinder pistons back into their bones.

The brakes should apply and release perfectly fine as long as the wheel cylinder is working properly and free from leaks. Note that the wheel cylinder can cause the brakes to grab or pull if it is sticking or leaking. This can be hazardous since it can possibly allow a complete loss of hydraulic pressure in the affected brake circuit. In turn, this can cause brake failure. When this happens, you must have the wheel cylinder repaired the soonest time possible.

Inside the wheel cylinder are two pistons which have a cup-shaped rubber seal that faces inward. It is the function of the seal to hold pressure and prevent brake fluid from leaking past the piston. Found outside of the pistons is a rubber dust boot fitted around the end of the wheel cylinder to keep moisture, dirt and brake dust out of the cylinder bore. Eventually, the piston seals will leak caused by normal wear. There can also be an occurrence of corrosion and pitting inside the wheel cylinders when the moisture builds up in the brake fluid and the corrosion inhibitors in the fluid brake down. It's definitely a bad news for the brakes when the wheel cylinder fails so you better find the best replacement right away. Parts Train can give you just what you want. We got Bendix wheel cylinder as well as other replacement parts for various makes/models.