Bendix Clutch Slave Repair Kit & Accessories

If you are driving a manual transmission vehicle, you have probably mastered how to depress the clutch, choose a gear, and then release the clutch while applying power to make your vehicle move. The sad thing however is that while drivers know how to use the clutch, most of them are not aware how it actually works. The clutch is the auto component that enables the engine to be applied gradually as your vehicle starts out and interrupts this power in order to minimize gear crunching when shifting. Engaging or disengaging the clutch can not be effectively done if its basic components, responsible for making the process works are not in their perfect condition.

To mention a few, these clutch components include the flywheel, clutch disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and linkage. In general, the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle lasts from four to seven years, depending on your personal driving habits. Normally, you would know when it starts to get damaged with some warning signs. Common indications of a troubled clutch include weak gas mileage and a reviving engine sound during acceleration. It is also worthy to note that when your clutch engages or disengages nearer to the floorboard or when the transmission grinds while shifting your clutch might need to be adjusted, if not replaced. In addition, if the clutch pedal moves with ease but the transmission does not go into gear, then maybe the clutch linkage is either disconnected or there is snapped clutch cable.

It is always smart to have it diagnosed by a mechanic when any of these signs occurs. Prompt action must be done as this is necessary in order to prevent further expensive repairs. Parts Train understands that a clutch trouble is truly a serious trouble. This is the reason why we offer quality replacement clutch components from Bendix including the Bendix clutch slave repair kit. Browse our catalog, take advantage of our offer and be a proud Parts Train customer for the rest of your life!