Bendix Caliper Repair Kit & Accessories

Because disc brake calipers produce no servo effect, they depend merely on hydraulic pressure to force the brake pads against the rotor. The ratio between brake pedal and caliper piston travel is huge and therefore a big amount of pressure must be applied to the disc brake pad. It will be required for a brake pedal travel of one inch to move the front caliper pistons just a few thousands of an inch. Thus, the clearances between the brake pad and rotor are crucial to establishing the right brake pedal height and response. As an attempt to improve fuel-economy, caliper piston seals that retract the caliper piston a few thousand of an inch from the brake rotor are built.

Also, the use of sealed wheel bearings with zero endplay to control and reduce pad-to-rotor clearance has become rampant these days. The net effect – modern disc brake calipers do contribute to the quest for maximum performance. Bendix helps car owners and riders to achieve that quality performance by designing quality parts and accessories including the Bendix caliper repair kit. There are a lot more so you better check them all. A high pressure brake fluid is channeled from a master cylinder to the brake caliper where it activates the piston when the brakes are engaged. The piston pushes the caliper into action and clamps down on the brake disc.

The friction being generated is crucial for stopping the car. The amount of friction must be sufficient enough to stop the wheel that spins at thousands of rpm. With the aid of caliper and other brake components, adequate amount of force and stress are generated to stop the wheel. Parts Train is right here with you to answer all of your automotive replacement needs. We have a complete line of Bendix auto parts including the Bendix caliper repair kit. It doesn't matter what your vehicle is, Bendix line of products are custom made for various makes/models.