Bendix Brake Pads & Accessories

When any portion of your brake system fails, it can lead to a huge safety issue. Fortunately, our online catalog has a full selection of Bendix brakes and associated parts to get you driving safely again. The Bendix Corporation makes an assortment of OEM-style replacement parts for almost any vehicle, and the superior quality of the components has led some automobile manufacturers to include Bendix brakes on certain vehicles right from the factory. Whether you need a new rotor, caliper, or just a set of brake pads, Bendix has the components to help you complete the repair. For the purposes of replacing the entire system, or upgrading to a high-performance system, the components are also available as an entire Bendix brakes kit. A selection of brake pads is available for the kit, ranging from original style pads, to performance pads made from high-friction composite materials. At the heart of the Bendix brakes system is the calipers, which are designed to give the vehicle quick and powerful stops. Without a good set of rotors, the calipers would suffer, but the Bendix brakes system has high quality rotors that are made from the strongest materials, to very exact specifications. For performance applications, they are available slotted and cross-drilled. This treatment allows the Bendix brakes to dissipate heat much faster, reducing brake pad wear and allowing for quicker stops. The Bendix brakes kit comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer, and it will last at least as long as your original system. In addition to the Bendix brakes system, we also stock a wide range of parts and accessories for almost any vehicle, and with our easy online ordering and our convenient toll-free number, available for placing your order 24 hours a day, you will have your order soon.