Bendix Brake Caliper & Accessories

In every vehicle, the ability to stop or slow down is crucial. Imagine driving on a downward slope, your speed gaining momentum, when the car in front of you suddenly halts. If your braking system is not as strong as it should be, chances are you'll crash right into that car's bumpers. This and other similar scenarios are not only a hassle; it makes your vehicle a hazard to other drivers and pedestrians as well. The critical function of stopping the car is the braking system's responsibility. Since it plays an important role in vehicle safety, the braking system must be composed of no less than top-of-the-line parts. Different brake components such as the brake pads, the rotors, and the Bendix brake caliper work together to ensure your braking system's efficiency.

The brake caliper is one of the most important components in the braking system. It's a U-shaped part that contains pistons on one or both sides of the "U." The main function of the brake caliper is to press the brake pads against the revolving brake rotor, which then produces friction and triggers your wheels to stop turning. Since the brake caliper is located in the vehicle's frame and the brake rotor rotates very fast, the brake caliper must be exceptionally strong and durable to withstand the heat. Also, it must be tough enough to completely stop the wheels. An average brake caliper won't do—you'll find yourself needing yet another replacement sooner than you have to. A Bendix brake caliper, however, lasts longer than the average brake caliper replacement.

A car owner must prevent premature wear and tear of the brake calipers by continuously watching out for possible causes of damage. One of the common causes of brake caliper deterioration is the brake fluid. If the brake fluid is irregularly changed, it can produce moisture in the brake fluid, causing rust formation in the brake caliper's interior. The rust buildup then leads to sticking pistons and leaks. This greatly compromises the brake caliper's efficiency. Once your brake caliper totally breaks down, you can purchase high-quality replacements such as the Bendix brake caliper.

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