Bendix Brake Backing Plate & Accessories

It's really a wonder how a vehicle stops by just stepping on the brake pedal. Braking components must be really tough considering the fact that they can bring a large vehicle to a halt. The frictional force actually is the one responsible for helping the car to stop. As you step down on the brake pedal, the friction from your foot will be transferred by a liquid to the brake. The tire carries the friction in order to come to an ultimate halt. This force can however be produced only when all the components of the braking system are perfectly working. You have probably heard about the brake pads, brake rotor, the brake disc and brake caliper.

These are actually the basic parts that make up the braking system that need your attention. Note that a minor trouble within the system can lead to a more serious problem. In most cases, drivers' unawareness of the intricacies of the braking system leads to braking troubles. One reason for this is their focus on attaining more horsepower and torque or aesthetical enhancement. True – having a superb engine system and displaying a good external looks is cool but above all, your ability to brake greatly determines your safety. So never fail to perform an inspection on the brake components especially when there are symptoms of trouble.

Aside from the basic parts that you have known, also try to check other parts like the brake backing plate. This is a round, stamped steel disc used to keep water out of the drum or rotor and in drum brakes, as a mount for the wheel cylinder. This backing plate bolts to the end of the rear axle housing for drum brakes and to the spindle in the disc brakes. Fortunately, Parts Train can answer all your replacement needs from engine parts down to braking components. We got Bendix brake backing plate as well as many braking components for different makes and models.