Bendix ABS Speed Sensor & Accessories

It cannot be denied that despite the contributions of automobiles to our society, risks of accidents and other mishaps remain ever-present. Even with the expertise of auto engineers who continuously work on improving car safety, these risks cannot be completely eliminated. The best that they can do is to keep these risks at a minimum, and this they do quite well. In fact, most modern cars have very advanced safety systems compared to earlier models. One of these safety additions is the Bendix Speed Sensor.

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) speed sensors are electronic accessories that moderate the wheels' speed. In ABS vehicles, if even just one of the wheels is slower than the others, it will cause the car to lock automatically. It is then the speed sensor's job to moderate the speed of the wheels and prevent them from locking. A Bendix Speed Sensor accurately measures the rotational speed of your vehicle's wheels, and then relays that data to the ABS management computer. This way, the anti-lock system is warned when the wheels are about to lock up.

An Speed Sensor's location depends on the type of vehicle. In vehicles that use four-wheel disc systems, the Speed Sensors are installed at every wheel hub or rotor. In cars that use rear-drum applications, however, the Speed Sensors are installed on the differential housing. Regardless of its location, a Bendix ABS sensor will provide the most precise measurement of your vehicle's wheel speed. Purchasing a low-quality Speed Sensor cannot guarantee accurate speed monitoring, which can cause your vehicle to lock up unexpectedly, perhaps even in the middle of the road. Thus, it is crucial that you use high-quality auto parts such as the Bendix Speed Sensor. Speed Sensors provided by Bendix are made with the only finest, most durable materials.

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