Bendix ABS Pump Motor & Accessories

Car safety is very important. It is one of the factors that you should think about if you have a plan of customizing your car. Safety feature is definitely above all things as far as ride is concerned. While it is true that driving can be dangerous, there are ways in order to prevent road misfortunes. One of them is to have a powerful stopping ability. If your vehicle does not stop the way it should, then do something! In this time and age, more and more vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes. In the event of an emergency braking situation you fully depress the brake pedal to the floor of your vehicle.

Now, the anti-lock braking system is built to bring your car to a complete and straight stop without allowing the wheels to skid. With this, loss of control or sliding off the highway or into oncoming traffic is avoided. The ABS system typically includes wheel-speed sensor, hydraulic control unit and electronic unit. True – the road is a dangerous place but with a good ABS brake system it's just easy to maintain directional control during emergency halt and when the road seems ugly. There will be much greater chances to prevent a crash by maintaining the control. The advantage of ABS brake system is best felt when driving on a wet and slippery road.

Pulsating sensation from the brake pedal during ABS brake operation is to be expected and a normal thing. Without intervention from the ABS system, the braking system reverts to conventional hydraulic operation when the ABS operation is no longer necessary. Parts train is proud to offer ABS system products from Bendix. We got Bendix ABS motor pump and a lot more. We invite you to browse through our extensive online catalog so you will be able to see them all.