Bendix ABS Control Unit & Accessories

Modern cars virtually come with ABS or Anti-Lock Brakes as standard equipment or as an option. Basically, the ABS system includes wheel-speed sensors, hydraulic control unit, and an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit monitors and compares the signals from the wheel-speed sensors when the brake pedal is applied. The electronic control unit commands the hydraulic control unit to reduce hydraulic pressure to that wheel in the event that the electronic control unit senses rapid deceleration – impending lock-up at a given wheel.

The pressure applied here is similar to pumping the brake pedal, only much faster. With the use of ABS, your pick-up trucks and cargo vans can handle various braking needs under different loading conditions. In this type of ABS, only the rear wheel is controlled and the pressure is limited to both of them when one of them is about to lock. The ABS system is designed so you can easily maintain directional control during emergency stops and when road conditions are bad. You will definitely have better chances of avoiding road misfortune such as crash by maintaining the control. You can best benefit from ABS system on wet and slippery roads.

And because the system itself pumps the brakes automatically, you should no longer pump the brake pedal on a car with ABS. What you need to do is to simply apply firm and continuous pressure to the brake pedal to activate ABS operation. You will most likely feel a pulsating sensation from the brake pedal as the ABS system starts to operate. Now, the braking system reverts to conventional hydraulic operation without intervention from the ABS system when the ABS operation is no longer needed. ABS system components are available here in Parts Train. We have Bendix ABS control unit to replace your stock as well as other replacement products to further upgrade your vehicle.