Behr Fan Clutch & Accessories

The fan clutch like the Behr fan clutch is an essential component of the vehicle's cooling system. It is an automatic device that is responsible for disengaging the engine's mechanically-driven cooling fan. It can be found at the water pump's front and is driven by a belt and pulley that is connected to the engine's crankshaft. Having a properly working fan clutch will save power because the engine will not have to fully drive the radiator fan.

As soon as the temperature of the air that flows through the radiator rises, the heat will warn the bimetal coil spring to uncoil or expand. Once it expands, a small amount or more oil is allowed to enter the fluid coupling making the fan rotate. But, if the air that comes out of the radiator is cool, the opposite usually occurs. Instead, the coil spring contracts, the oil exits the fluid coupling and it also makes the fan slow. Oftentimes, instead of using the coil spring, a flat bimetal strip string is being applied, it usually bows in and out every time the temperature rises and drops permitting the oil in and out of the fluid coupling.

When a fan clutch fails, the common symptom is overheating. And you know how hard annoying it is to suffer from engine overheating. So you have to replace it immediately. And for quality fan clutch, Behr fan clutch is the best choice and you can avail it here at Parts Train. This is the only place where you are provided with a well-organized, speedy, convenient and well-secured online ordering system where you can place your order any time of the day.