Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector & Accessories

It's definitely irritating when your car battery dies on you in the middle of the freeway. That's the last thing you need especially if you have an urgent matter to attend to or are running late, far from mechanical aid and services. To avoid wasting your precious time and money on towing and repair costs and to eliminate the need to jumpstart your car all the time, get a brand-new Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector now, available at Parts Train.

A battery charge protector is an electric device connected to your battery's terminals to keep it charged. If you want the best, then the Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector is the one for you. It comes in a range of specifications, from Bronze to Platinum. The basic Bronze unit allows for manual reconnection—simply by lifting the hood and pressing a button, you can get that battery going again. The Silver and higher configurations have remote reconnection switches. Each charge protector features a built-in trickle circuit that allows a small amount of current to be drawn to preserve the battery's charge and retain certain car presets.

The Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector comes with a remote control to disconnect the car's electrical system, to act as both an energy-saving measure and an anti-theft device as well. It is also available for a wide range of vehicle batteries. With this battery charge protector, you are assured that there's enough power and electricity maintained to restart the engine. You can be sure of the reliability of this charge protector because Battery Brain produces energy-saving technologies for daily use and heavy-duty purposes, including battery add-ons for cars, marine vehicles, and even telecommunications.

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