Banks Turbo Kit & Accessories

Banks has set another standard in the automobile industry when their Turbo kit products were released. Banks turbo kit features the most outstanding performance and factory reliability and in which are considered as the most important characteristics of a performance product. Using this Banks turbo kit will let you experience a stupendous increase in power. When turbo was first used in an exhaust gas driven compressor for the internal combustion engine, the power output of the engine was increased since the mass flow of oxygen that enters the engine was also increased.

Using the Banks turbo kit is really an advantage, for it offers a considerable increase in horsepower without increasing much of its weight. In this kit, a turbine is included which allows the compressor to use the wasted energy from the exhaust system. This turbine will spin along with the compressor on the same shaft just like how the turbojet aircraft engine works. This compressor aids in increasing the pressure of the air that enters the engine allowing a greater mass of oxygen to enter in the combustion chamber. Thus, the volumetric efficiency of the engine is increased at the same time produces more power.

Improvement should really begin with the mass air flow. This means that air is really essential when you want to achieve such improvements. A precise amount of air flow can be acquired when the diameter of the mass air flow housing is much larger compared to ordinary ones. But don't worry, because our turbo kit uses such, so you can be certain with its efficiency. So if you are interested in modifying your vehicle with a sure effect of increasing the power, the Banks turbo kit that is available here at Parts Train should be your choice. For more details, check out our catalog.