Banks Power Programmer & Accessories

If you want to improve your car's horsepower the easy way, all you need is Banks power programmer. Yes, now you can easily get that horsepower you need from your vehicle with this piece of equipment – the power programmer. It is very to install, simply plug it in to your vehicle's under-dash diagnostic plug, then you will just have to answer series of question with Yes or No, and the power programmer will do the rest of the job. Just like the control modules, the power programmer reconfigures the vehicle's onboard computer in order to perform at its highest peak.

But control modules and power programmers are different in other aspects. Control modules are permanently installed into your vehicle's electrical system or it comes standard while the power programmer is just an optional device. It should be connected first in your OBD-II port before you hit the road. Once you have plugged it in your OBD, you will then answer a series of Yes or No questions. After that, the power programmer will then upload a new set of operating instructions directly to your car's computer.

The power programmers, lets you control over the tuning of your car system. It is an aid to maximize the power of your engine as well as the performance and provides a slight increase in gas mileage. It allows you to have an access and helps you to reprogram the vehicle's computer in order to function well with the rest of the engine components. And for the best power programmer device, Bank power programmer is the excellent choice. Get it right here at Parts Train, we provide a wide selection of Banks power programmers for every vehicle type. We provide a 24/7 online service so you can transact with us at your most convenient time.