Banks Performance Package & Accessories

There are several ways to increase your vehicle's power and performance. Outfit it with a set of performance parts that will help maximize its power. In order to achieve that improved driving experience, employ the Banks performance package. It effectively optimizes the power of the vehicle's overall system. Banks performance package offers two specific quality bundles, the Big Hoss Bundle and the Six-Gun Bundle. The Big Hoss Bundle is a Banks performance package that provides complete system overhaul. It is fully calibrated with Banks Techni-cooler intercooler assembly.

This Banks assembly helps maximize the power as well as the density of the air being pumped through the engine. Banks performance package includes the Big Hoss module that gives an additional horsepower which is up to 120% and 233 lbs feet torque for a more supreme performance. This excellent package is also equipped with Six-Gun diesel tuner, a Banks ram air filter which offers an excellent durability for your engine and a high-boost compressor wheel, Bighead waste gate actuator, TransCommand, a power elbow assembly. It also has Monster muffler as well as an exhaust.

The Six-Gun Bundle on the other hand features a Six-Gun tuner, speed loader, boost gauge, DynaFact and a Monster exhaust. Banks performance package is widely used by car enthusiasts because of its durability, performance and quality. And here at Parts Train, we have a complete line of Banks performance package made for every vehicle make and model. Get it here today and experience the great advantage it brings. We provide a 24/7 online service so you can transact with us at your most convenient time. If you also need to be personally assisted, you can simply call our toll-free numbers and our customer service representatives would be of great service to you.