Banks Intercooler & Accessories

The Banks intercooler is a heat exchanger device, it is similar to a radiator, designed specifically to cool up the hot boosted air that goes out of the turbocharger. Since the compressed air increases its temperature, the intercooling process consequently goes hand in hand with the turbo charging. Intercooler improves the volumetric efficiency by adding the amount reduced in the engine and by lowering the charge air temperature hence maximizing the power as well as the reliability. The intercooler or otherwise known as the charge air cooler is utilized by vehicles that have large engines that can be easily self-destruct along with the high temperature of the intake-air.

Intercoolers are commonly installed between the multiple stages of the supercharging in aircraft engines. Some latest automobile designs employ after coolers and they usually appear at the end of the chain. But how does an intercooler work? Hot air from the turbo runs through the tubes that can be found inside the intercooler. The turbo air then transfer heat to the tubes, warning the tubes and allowing the turbo air to cool. When the intercooler is large and thicker, it produces more turbo lag. There are intercoolers that utilizes the ambient air for cooling up, this air flows through the radiator core and sometimes placed with the other radiators for cooling fluid or oil.

The Banks intercooler is one of the most sought-after intercooler products today. The Banks intercooler helps maximizes the flow volume by its superior system design in order to reduce the pressure drop that comes from the boosted air. Not only that, it also cools up the air for more density power and oxygen content. Here at Parts Train, we provide a huge selection Banks intercooler for every vehicle needs. Feel free to browse our catalog and surely, you will find what you car needs.