Banks Headers & Accessories

Looking for ways to achieve that highest level of engine performance? It's simple. Add Banks headers. The key to a supreme motor performance is by getting more air flow to your engine and more exhaust out. This is where headers become useful. Basically, a header is a high-performance exhaust manifold that is usually made of steel or light-weight aluminum. Headers are designed to boost the car engine's performance though allowing the exhaust to flow more freely during a specific engine rpm range.

Manufactured by Banks Power, one of the finest and reliable sources of enhance-performance parts, the Banks Company have been the leader in the field of engineering, manufacturing of aftermarket power systems created for trucks, gas and diesel motorhomes and prototype production and fabrication. Unlike other companies, Banks creates their own designs and don't send it elsewhere in order to be constructed. They want to make sure that their products are having the best quality materials and getting the best treatment when it comes to construction. That is why, they have been popularly known all throughout the world.

The Bank headers are widely utilized by many enthusiasts out there. An aid for creating a massive power and superb performance, Banks headers is specifically designed with a well-crafted angle in the pipes. This high-performance exhaust manifold helps boost up the exhaust performance to create a maximum power output provided for every vehicle. And it also includes flanges that are half-inch thick and perfectly flat and provide a leak-free seal and easy-bolt on features as well. Our online catalog provides a wide selection of Banks headers for every vehicle. It will just take you a few clicks to place your order online and guaranteed that the product you purchased will be shipped out to you right away.