Banks Exhaust Brake & Accessories

Diesel engine vehicles usually don't have an intake manifold hence there is no intake vacuum which can be use when the engine is not fueling. Basically, an intake vacuum is responsible in producing the slowing effect on gasoline engine vehicles every time it goes down a hill along with the foot off the gas. Several strategies are being applied on diesel engines and employing Banks exhaust brake is one of the simple and inexpensive ways applied for such purpose. The entire Bank brakes promotes safety, they create a magnanimous and more sustained exhaust braking power which separates them among the ordinary exhaust brakes on the shelf.

For an excellent exhaust braking power, equip your car with Banks exhaust brakes. This exhaust brake has an amazing electronic features formulated in order to improve the drivability as well as the operation of your car. It features an idle validation module that effectively senses the throttle position and can control the brake engagement. Banks exhaust brake also offers a quick and excellent performance that helps extends the brakes durability. It provides great automated brake disengagement at a low speed rate that smoothes up your ride when the brake is on.

The exhaust brake otherwise known as exhaust retarders varies in design. Though they differ in design, they are also designed to serve one purpose – to close off the exhaust path from the engine which causes the exhaust gasses to be compressed within the exhaust manifold as well as in the cylinder. Now, because the exhaust is being compressed and there is no fuel being applied, the engine then works backwards causing the car to slow down. For a complete line of Banks exhaust brakes, you can visit Parts Train anytime. Parts Train's web based system provides you the most convenient, easy, quick and safe way of shopping for all your car part needs. So need to look for another vendor, shop only at Parts Train!