Banks Engine Brake & Accessories

Most car owners are not familiar with an engine brake. If you are one of them, then you need to read on. Commonly employed by semi trucks, the engine brake like the Banks engine brake is the chief responsible in creating a deafening-roaring noise that comes from the truck every time it slows down. Its slang term is Jake Brake, adapted from the manufacturer who invented the implementation of technology. Generally, large semi trucks can weigh more than forty tons.

The engine braking system can make a truck slow down just before its wheel brakes serve their function. This device is mostly utilized by vehicles on some downhill situations in order to keep the rig well running and at the same time to have a controlled speed. Other engine brakes are employed in large diesel trucks; they are responsible in locking down the exhaust valve during an exhaust stroke and at the same time maximize the resistance that is delivered to the piston. An abrupt release of the pressure will produce a deafening bellowing staccato sound, possibly heard hundred feet away.

However, it creates a noise pollution which is unhealthy. So it needs an excellent muffler to reduce the noise. Fortunately, not all engine brakes are all like that, Banks engine brake separate from other engine brakes because it utilizes a state of the art brake technology in order to get rid of that explosive sound that causes noise pollution. Here in Parts Train, we have a complete line of Banks engine brakes made for every vehicle needs. Simply browse our easy-to-navigate catalog and you will surely find what you need.