Bando Car Parts & Accessories

As more and more features are added in today's vehicles, car manufacturers are forced to find ways on how they can continuously get the same components to efficiently work without requiring separate power sources --- hence, the usage of belts. Bando is the world leader when it comes to the production of world class power transmission belts for use on industrial and automotive applications. It uses only the most advanced and highly efficient equipment and procedures in the production of its belts.

Bando has a wide range of belts ranging from V-belts, raw-edge belts, V ribbed belts, timing belts, or OHC Synchronous belts, and serpentine belts. All of its belt products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Even its manufacturing facilities are ISO accredited, which certifies the brand's strong commitment to quality and strict compliance to effective and safe manufacturing procedures. Such commitment has helped the brand to consistently produce products of excellent qualities and to aspire for higher efficiency and low cost that keeps Bando highly competitive in the market.

But of course, without proper maintenance, even a highly durable and long wearing Bando belt won't be able to perform efficiently. So include it in your regular maintenance schedule. And if ever you see that the belts in your vehicle needs replacements, then have them changed at once. Remember these belts support not just one component in your vehicle but several parts, which means that once the belt stop functioning so will the rest of the components that it operates. An example of such belt is the serpentine belt which is responsible for powering the air conditioner compressor, water pump, air pump, alternator, power steering pump, and other accessory components in your vehicle.

Bando's philosophy is based on three core values: quality, service, and value. With these values as its focus, Bando will continuously strive to build better products that are environmentally-friendly and safe for use. You can get these products here at Parts Train. Browse through our online catalog to view our entire product selection. For more information, feel free to contact our toll free hotline.