Backrack Car Parts & Accessories

Talking about pickups and trucks is like talking about Backrack. As a leading provider of pickup accessories and practical safety add-ons, the company feeds you with practical solutions in optimizing the efficiency of your ride as a cost effective support in heavy duty applications. To match the all-terrain and rugged feature of your vehicle, Backrack offers durable and high grade lighting supports for increased visibility in emphasizing safety while hitting the road and taking care of your load. Their products generally cover Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota midsize to full-size truck applications with precision fitting and installation savvy hardware.

As the name implies, Backrack takes a serious business at the back part of your truck. More than 20 varieties of accessories are available for cab protection, securing cargo, carrying ladders, and warning light supports. They all come powder-coated tough that guarantee product longevity. They are cut, bent, formed, and welded with state-of-the-art equipment and strict standards for quality assurance. Ensuring quality finish, the products are protected against premature corrosion.

Product installation is a piece of cake. On most pickup model applications, no drilling is required for proper fitment. Various types of brackets, steel plates, and flat bars may be installed to secure your things and equipment like heavy tool box in place against slipping and swaying over uneven road surfaces. Utility brackets, arrow stick brackets, sport light brackets, light bar brackets, utility light brackets, and antenna mounting brackets come in pairs and ready to install. To protect the windows, the company designed a tubular steel panel to secure the cargo in place without pressing onto the glass cabin window. Within minutes, you are set for safe driving while enhancing the look of your exterior styling.

Manufacturing heavy duty pickup truck racks that offers cost effective and highly durable support and protection is what Backrack is all about. They have built a good reputation over the efficiency and performance of their products in offering you practical solution in optimizing your vehicle's loading capacities while simply looking great on your ride. Because we are committed to provide you with top quality pickup accessories, Parts Train carries a wide selection for Backrack products. Simply click on our online catalog to find the one to fit onto your ride.