BBK X Pipe & Accessories

You may not often admit it but you are of course among those car enthusiasts who are thrilled with horsepower they already get out their amazing car. There are those who enjoy the relative quiet of the engine and there some who ask for more power. If you are really among them then you should look into your x pipe. The x pipe is named because of its shape. It is deliberately built to replace the stock H pipe that you can see underbelly of your coupe when it is up in the air for repairs.

Actually, both the H pipe and x pipe connect the headers with the twin exit pipes in your vehicle. The two pipes differ in the sense that the x pipe's shape allows you to get additional horsepower out of your engine. One popular x pipe is that which made from BBK. The BBK x pipe is a precision-welded network of steel pipes that bridge the gap between headers and exit pipes, bringing raw power to these true dual exhaust vehicles with twin mufflers. The flow of BBK x pipe hails from the precision mandrel bending done in-house. The x pipe when teamed up by quality welding eliminates back pressure, frees up flow and promotes power though improved exhaust scavenging.

The BBK exhaust is ideal for both street and off-road racing. The factory emissions connections are retained on x pipes and therefore gives you a roaring exhaust system that doesn't release additional emissions. The BBK x pipe is custom made to fit various vehicle makes/models. For maximum durability, it is fabricated from economical aluminized steel or from stainless steel tubing. You are lucky because a Parts Train customer like you can take advantage of our BBK line of products including the BBK x pipe. Grab it only here and make the most of your ride!