BBK Valve Cover & Accessories

You just can't avoid engine leaks. Sometimes, these leaks can unnerve you because they are hard to find. This is especially true when the leaks come from the upper engine. Basically, oil leaks down below the engine compartment and can be blown around under the vehicle by the wind while driving. The valve cover is usually the culprit when there is leaking. Hence, it is something you must check as well as the valve cover gasket. You must be prompt in checking for presence of leaks on top of the cylinder head and near the spark plug connections.

Seated beneath the valve cover is the rubber gasket. The lid and gasket keep dust and debris out of the engine while keeping the oil in. Usually, gasket along with older engine develops leaks. Leaks in some cases may not be serious but you must still do something to stop them. Checking the entire engine is a good move. This system can be complicated especially if you are a neophyte car owner. The engine parts alone include intake valve, intake port, head, coolant, radiator, oxygen sensor, engine block, oil plan, oil pump, crankshaft, exhaust valve, spark plug, exhaust port, piston, connecting rod and road bearing to mention a few.

Come to think of, there are many car parts that require your attention in order to maintain the right maintenance. While there are so many engine parts, bear in mind that when leaking problem occurs, the valve cover must be checked right away. The valve cover is the one that lets the open air and fuel in and lets the exhaust out. The intake and exhaust valves open at the right time and close during compression and combustion to allow proper sealing of the combustion chamber. When you need to replace your stock valve cover, Parts Train offers a good replacement for you – the BBK valve cover.