BBK Throttle Body Spacer & Accessories

For most drivers, a dream ride means power on the road, which can be translated into speed and control. There is but one obstacle to this—the high cost of achieving such an ambitious goal. To put it plainly, it requires money. However, the BBK throttle body spacer may just prove you wrong. Auto industry brand leader BBK offers one of its premier high-performance products to enable you to experience the ride of your life without worrying about extra expenses.

As part of the "Power Plus Series" items, the BBK throttle body spacer is among the best add-ons that can boost engine power. So how does this piece of metal equipment serve its function? Installing the BBK throttle body spacer in your vehicle primarily improves the quality of airflow. As it allows the entry of more condensed air into the combustion chamber, more oxygen also comes in. This leads to a more efficient burn that causes more energy from fuel, thus producing greater horsepower. In fact, it can add up to 30 to 40 percent of airflow, which means a bonus of eight to twelve percent of horsepower to your drive.

With the BBK throttle body spacer, you can also do your share in preserving the environment as a conscientious driver. How does this happen? A more efficient burn means lesser amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which is definitely more beneficial to the environment. You also get to keep auto parts that measure and control emissions like the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter in good condition. Thus, you do not only maximize their functionality, but you also extend their serviceability. And since a more effective fuel usage enhances overall fuel mileage, you can cut down on your gas station bills.

Equipping your vehicle with the BBK throttle body spacer is very easy since it is a direct bolt-on application. Thus, there is no need for modifications. Purchasing it at our site is hassle-free as well. Parts Train offers you a practical way to shop for all your automotive needs at your utmost convenience. Simply browse our extensive list of auto parts catalog anytime.