BBK Subframe Connector Brace & Accessories

If you want your vehicle to have an improved handling and drivability, the BBK subframe connector brace is actually what you need. Every vehicle model employs a full frame that will triangulate its floor pan for extra strength it needs. Using this brace will actually reduce the tendency of flexing and converting it to an improved handling as well as proper response when turning. Actually, the BBK subframe connector brace will keep the body more rigid by enhancing the straight line acceleration because the energy is sent to the tires and not into your twisting vehicle.

Usually, this BBK subframe connector brace is used only in unibody vehicle chassis, but this could actually be retrofitted into a full frame that will help that chassis to handle more power. When installing this BBK subframe connector brace, make sure to install it on a level car. A car ramp could provide you with such condition. The jack stand must also be leveled with each other while supporting the vehicle. You must also install it properly using the bolts. Just make sure to perform this while the fuel line is being covered with a safety cloth for safety purposes. In addition, it is also important to have your equipments be complete first before performing the installation procedure.

Once this item is installed, you will notice that there's extra rigidity to your suspension because this subframe connector brace cuts the free span of the connection in half, producing a truss structure with the floorpan and doubling the number of attachment points. Now if you are looking for a nice place to shop for this item, Parts Train is just here for you. All our products here come in the most affordable price. We make sure that this item is available at all times so in case you order, we will have it delivered right at your doorstep.