BBK Shifter & Accessories

Are you familiar with the shifter that is used in most cars today? If you do and you are looking for one, the BBK shifter is actually a great choice for your car. BBK is one of the most popular suppliers of shifters. Every BBK shifter is made from the finest material to ensure durability. Once you have installed this BBK shifter, you will probably notice that this shifter will offer about 30% reduction in throws for any direction.

BBK always make sure to provide you a finest quality shifter to match with your expectations. BBK shifters, control arms, and chassis bushings is unmatched by the competition. With much-enhanced shifting, shorter precise shifts and a super strong CNC machined design, there's no reason for you not to choose shifter from BBK. Its design also ensures a prefect fit for any vehicle model you have. So you must really try using this one for an instant modification.

Compared to other aftermarket shifter, this BBK shifter uses an aluminum cable on its ends and a hardened steel pivot bearings in spherical, whereas the ordinary shifter comes in plastic or rubber material. Using a steel material is really a great advantage especially if dealing with durability. With this BBK shifter, you can ensure that your vehicle's shifting mechanism will no longer seem like a cable operated shifter but rather a more solid lever shifter. So let this BBK shifter work for your car now! Avail of its lowest price offer here at Parts Train. BBK shifter is very easy to install so visit us today and experience much shorter and precise shifts!