BBK Pinion Snubber & Accessories

Have you ever heard of a pinion snubber? The pinion rubber is useful in controlling the wheel hop of your vehicle. The condition of the wheel hop reduces the amount of the power that will reach the rear wheels. So to control such condition, what you need is an adjustable pinion snubber. The pinion snubber is a rubber bushing that is connected underneath the side of the rear floor pan just above the rear axle. With this pinion snubber, the axle is prevented from traveling upward especially during hard launch which therefore increases the power that is still useful to the rear wheels.

The BBK pinion snubber is among the finest pinion snubber products available in the market. It comes in an easy installation procedure. Into the top differential case, bolt the base plate of the pinion snubber, then adjust the height while turning the threaded shaft in upward or downward movement. Once the bumper is already on the desired height, you can lock it in place using the bolt or the nut on the tube top tightly. Installation will take place in just few minutes, so there is really no hassle.

If you want to adjust this pinion snubber, all you have to do is to remove the quick release pin. And you can then adjust the inner tube before replacing the pin. This easy installation procedure is a great advantage for an instant replacement in street and in any form of race. The BBK pinion snubber will definitely provide you better adjustment than any other pinion snubber on the market. So experience this great advantage only from the finest BBK pinion snubber available only here at Parts Train.