BBK Oxygen Sensor Extension & Accessories

The oxygen sensor that is used in your vehicle involves a lot of components that are essential in the sensor's basic function. Among these accessories that is used by the oxygen sensor is the oxygen sensor extension. The oxygen sensor extension like the BBK oxygen sensor extension is used when a long tube headers is installed which will relocate the oxygen sensor. This extension is a plug-in harness that allows the means of extending the connection. Actually, it could extend about 24 inches long.

The sensor is really an important device in your vehicle that measures and monitors the fuel control which will asses the exhaust gas. It aids the mixture of air and fuel to increase or decrease accordingly for which ever is required by the system. Sensor does work by comparing the air that is found inside the exhaust and the air that is found outside the engine. It also verifies the amount of the remaining oxygen in the exhaust. Oxygen sensor actually does not cover a certain area but once the gas does not reach this sensor, definitely it will not be detested. Thus, you cannot locate the sensor in a wrong place for this condition.

So, you will need to use an extension that will allow these gases to be detected and monitored. The BBK oxygen sensor extension is a perfect choice. BBK products are proven for quality and durability, so you can be certain with their oxygen sensor extension to last much longer. BBK also offers different products that you can rely on when you are trying to achieve an improved in performance. Be specific when getting something for your car, but the only place that you should visit is Parts Train. Here, we offer a wide array of products and accessories that will surely match your need.