BBK MIL Eliminator Set & Accessories

The MIL eliminator is an electronic device that prevents your vehicle's engine light from coming on when an off-road H or X pipe is installed on a late model vehicle with say OBD – II emission system. Installing an off-road x pipe on your vehicle without the MIL eliminator will make your engine light always on. Also, you wouldn't have the chance to be alerted if something more serious is going within your engine. The MIL eliminator must be installed between the O2 sensor connector and 02 sensor on each rear O2 sensor of the vehicle. Usually, the installation takes about 30 minutes using basic hand tools requirement.

Having installed BBK the MIL eliminator set, expect that there will be no more check engine or SES light when running an off-road x pipe. Also, the malfunction indicator light function will work as normal before off-road pipe is installed. The very first thing to do in the installation process is to disconnect the battery and remove the O2 sensor after the catalytic converter. Label them to be certain that they do go back on the right side during re-installation. Also take off the factory sheathing on the O2 sensor. Now cut the black and gray wires about 1.5 inches from the connector. Never cut or alter the two white wires.

Splice in the MIL eliminator circuit. Although you can use a good waterproof butt connector, soldering is more preferred. Note that MIL eliminators are encapsulated but normally, an installer will want to take a couple of additional steps to protect the electronics from road conditions. Ideally, start at minimum by using black electrical tape and tightly wrap the spliced circuit wiring as well as the areas of sheathing on the O2 sensor harness removed. Re-install your MIL eliminator equipped O2 sensor into your exhaust system, torque to factory specifications and plug them back into the wiring harness. Parts Train offers BBK MIL eliminator set as well as other BBK products.