BBK Intake Manifold & Accessories

Mainly responsible for making your car move, the engine consists of components that maintain its efficiency and maximum performance. One of these is the intake manifold. Also known as the inlet manifold, the intake manifold delivers air-fuel mixture from the throttle body to the engine's cylinders. A well-designed intake manifold ensures an even distribution of the air-fuel mixture for better engine performance. Usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, this device also keeps the throttle body, carburetor, and fuel injectors in place. Given its essential functions, the intake manifold of your vehicle must come only from trusted auto parts manufacturers like BBK. One of its products is the BBK intake manifold, which can even increase your vehicle's horsepower.

BBK is committed to manufacturing state-of-the-art performance parts and accessories. The company makes sure that every product it introduces in the market meets customers' expectations. Its product lineup beats competitors in terms of performance and value. For instance, the BBK intake manifold for a Ford Mustang features a high torque twin plenum upper intake, a unique open runner high flow lower manifold, and a built-in EGR spacer, among others. On top of these amazing features is the additional 18 to 35 horsepower that the intake manifold from BBK offers as opposed to factory intake manifolds.

Your vehicle's existing intake manifold may become defective over time. Cracks on the intake manifold can get in the way of smooth engine operation. When that happens, have it replaced with a brand-new BBK intake manifold.

t you'll get the best value for your money. As soon as you've decided on the perfect intake manifold for your vehicle, you just have to follow our step-by-step ordering procedure. Or you can call our toll-free hotline for immediate processing. Shopping for auto parts has never been more convenient.