BBK Headers & Accessories

Every vehicle is composed of different systems that is powered and controlled by a combination of different structures found also in your vehicle. And one of these systems is the exhaust system. This system is composed of different components and the exhaust manifold is one of its components. The exhaust manifold is made of cast iron or tubular steel that mounts to the exhaust side of the cylinder head. The exhaust gases that are collected from the cylinders are sent to the manifold through a single pipe.

Some car owners are not satisfied with their stock exhaust manifold so they have it changed with performance headers. BBK headers are among the most popular aftermarket exhaust manifolds. BBK headers enhance the performance of the exhaust system by preventing backpressure. Because of this, the cylinders do not have to work as hard just to push exhaust out. Headers boost the engine's performance by allowing the exhaust to flow more freely or by simply tuning the exhaust in order to improve performance during a particular rpm range. But make sure to install the header properly because improper installation could result to exhaust leak which could cause harm to the drivers and its occupants.

Headers are offered in different types for you to choose from. Some are designed for low performance and some are tuned for high performance. Headers are also offered with a ceramic or high-temperature coating. Headers are really a great advantage in increasing your vehicle's performance. If you want to experience the benefits the BBK headers could provide, visit us. We carry headers from BBK and other car parts and accessories.