BBK Header Gasket & Accessories

One of the most common troubles that are experienced with the header gasket is leakage. The reason why this condition occurs is an incorrectly fitted header gasket. Holding the asbestos gasket from up to the header along the bolt lines could actually demonstrate a poor fit and alignment of the header gasket. Well, this problem is actually common with asbestos type header gasket. If you want to prevent this condition, the only solution for that is to seal the header gasket properly. But if it's beyond repair, having it replaced should be done. The best and finest header gasket that will work best for any vehicle model you have is the BBK header gasket available here at Parts Train.

Sealing the header gasket properly will require you to cut the asbestos header gasket into three parts. The size should be large enough to cover the flat portion that surrounds the port openings. Using a pointed tool like the pecking hammer will help you tap the bolt holes properly including the port holes. Make sure that the bolt holes must be kept initially in a smaller size while the two bolts hold the gasket appropriately as you cut the opening and the edges. This edge should also be cut to fit the edge of the raised flat port areas with the heads.

When these openings are cut, you can then open the bolt holes to a slip fit in order not to obstruct installation process. Since you have cut the gasket in three parts; centering it from each port is done easily which will provide a better chance of having the gasket material in between the head. Make sure that the openings are centered once the bolts are installed. After everything is set, make sure to wipe the some layer of RTV on the gasket and let it completely dry. This technique is really a great help if you want to ensure a completely sealed header gasket.