BBK Fuel Pump & Accessories

The process of transferring the fuel from one place to another is called pumping. And the device that works for such is called the fuel pump. As the name suggests, the fuel pump pumps the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. While being delivered to the carburetor, this fuel is under low pressure and it uses high pressure when delivered to the fuel injection system. The carburetor and the fuel injection serve as the fuel metering in this system.

Earlier designs of fuel pump functions through mechanical means. It is driven by a lobe on the camshaft and bolted to the engine block. In order to 'sip/suck' fuel, this pump will create a negative pressure through the fuel lines. But this negative pressure combining wit the heat of the engine as well as the weather will cause the engine to boil. Vapor lock will then occur. This is the reason why an electric fuel pump is used these days. This design is found inside the fuel tank to prevent a condition of starting a fire since its electrical components could spark or ignite the fuel vapor. It works in creating a positive pressure through the fuel lines pushing fuel to the engine.

As the fuel tank delivers the constant flow of fuel to the engine, the fuel that was not used will be delivered to the tank, therefore reducing the tendency of fuel to get boiled because it is being kept away from the engine. Every time the ignition is switched on, the fuel pump will also start with its function. But if there is a trouble with your fuel pump, it will not serve its function well. Have it checked by your mechanic. If it suggests replacement, the BBK fuel pump is the best choice. You can avail it here at Parts Train.