BBK Coil Spring Spacer & Accessories

The coil spring is a crucial part of your vehicle's suspension system. It supports the vehicle's weight and enables it to remain stable even in not-so-good road conditions. Because of this tough function, the coil spring is significantly designed to have the ability to expand each time you hit dips while driving and compress as you encounter dumps or cut into hard corners. There are several types of coil spring for each kind of vehicle and truck depending on the vehicle's suspension design. Each coil spring can store energy and release it when necessary. It can also absorb shock and keep the force between two contracting surfaces.

With the shock absorber, the coil spring is pre-assembled as one coil over unit before the installation. The coil spring compresses and stretches to keep you safe while the shock absorber keeps you from road vibrations, bumps and noise that you usually encounter on the road. Now, if you want just the right amount of lift without hassle or expense of a full suspension system, you can make use of BBK coil spring spacer that is just perfect for your rig. This BKK component gets your front end level, changes your sag caused by heavy gear and provides you room for those big tires with one simple kit.

Each BBK coil spring spacer is custom-molded from top-end polyurethane and rigorously tested for both quality and performance. The BBK coil spring spacer is not anything like a run-of-the-mill rubber spacer. It is crafted to perform like a genuine component of your stock suspension, providing you more spacer life, better performance and solid ride quality. Parts Train is a big provider of auto parts and accessories for various vehicle makes/models. We have a wide selection of BBK parts including the BBK coil spring spacer and a lot more. Check us out and have fun browsing our comprehensive online catalog.