BBK Clutch Cable & Accessories

Maintaining the clutch is a must in maximizing the service life of its components as well as the clutch itself. In some vehicles, you may find a hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinders that won't require periodic adjustment after being installed. For cable operated systems, its mechanism is self adjusting, but there are still a number of designs including the cable operated that does still require a periodic adjustment. When the disc of the clutch cable wears out, the pressure plate finger will lift free playing along the fingers. Thus, bearing of the clutch is greatly reduced.

Actually, once the clutch cable like the BBK clutch cable is not adjusted to balance the reduced free play; the release bearing will tend to remain in constant contact with the fingers on the pressure plate. As a result, the release bearing will fail soon and produces noise. In some cases, an improperly adjusted clutch cable can also keep the pressure plate from gripping on the clutch disc firmly. So the clutch will slip under load which will cause it to increase wearing and failing too soon. But of course, all these conditions can be prevented when the clutch cable is inspected and adjusted periodically.

The clutch cable may also tend to stretch and increase the free play beyond its specification. In fact, it could also stretch with the same rate as the disc starts wearing as well as maintaining the free play on a constant measurement. Indeed, this does not occur frequently. But of course, the stretched cable will result to an excessive free play. Certainly you wouldn't want this to happen, so the best solution for such is to replace this worn out clutch cable with our BBK clutch cable available here at Parts Train.