BBB Industries Car Parts & Accessories

BBB Industries is a privately-held, world class aftermarket manufacturer, and distributor based in Mobile, Alabama. Its main products are comprised mainly of aftermarket replacement parts specifically remanufactured starters, power steering, and alternators for all domestic and imported vehicles including light and heavy-duty trucks in North America.

The core value proposition of BBB Industries is to provide "the right part, in the right place, for the right price". This same value proposition has made this company to become the favorite supplier for professional installers in North America. It has become the leader in the DIFM segment or the Do-It-For-Me segment, which caters to the needs of professional installers who basically decides on the parts to purchase.

What is the edge of BBB Industries over its competitors? For starters, BBB Industries has a rich selection of products with over 11,000 unique application-specific SKUs, which is the company's assurance of covering every customer's product requirements. It also has a network of distribution centers, a total of 9 centers in all, which allows BBB to handle all orders coming from every part of North America within 24 hours. BBB is also famous for seamless quality and impeccable attention to details, which has for years, has helped it to survive in the industry. In terms, of customer support, BBB is renowned for its outstanding customer service.

The founders of BBB Industries are the brothers Jeffrey and Bruce Bigler. They founded the company in the year 1987 and started as a regional re-manufacturer of rotating electrical parts particularly for the import market. Through the years, BBB has become famous and was also able to establish a good relationship with the Southeast area customers. And ever since, BBB have been considered as a reliable supplier of superior quality remanufactured alternators and starters. These products were quite hard to find during those days making it even more to the advantage of the Bigler brothers. BBB has operated in Alabama until the year 1998 and was moved to Reynosa, Mexico where the company seeks out to use the savings that it will incur on the labor cost to further improve its products as well as enhance its customer support services. To get authentic BBB products check out Part Train.