BAK Industries Car Parts & Accessories

Got a pickup or truck in your garage? This type of vehicle belongs to a different league of automobiles, a league that spells practicality at its peak, functionality to the extreme, and fun like you've never experienced before. And for you to get the most out of your pickup or truck, have BAK Industries at your side!

BAK is a leader in the tonneau cover industry. It offers a wide range of tonneau covers in different styles and designs, each with a different set of features that will surely meet the needs of different truck owners. It offers covers that are retractable, foldable, and many others. And, these covers are not like any other cover, mind you. They're built from the toughest materials, down to the smallest cover part like the hinge. The BAK Industries covers are waterproof and resistant to different forms of damage. Plus, they're also very easy to use. They've got OEM fit, so mounting is not a problem at all.

Other than tonneau covers, however, BAK Industries now offers other truck and pickup accessories. Many of these are still related to truck bed covers-tonneau cover toolbox, tailgate storage boxes, and tailgate caps, among others. The toolboxes and storage boxes will help you keep your truck bed organize while the tailgate caps will protect your tailgate from certain forms of damage. Aside from these add-ons, the company also offers running boards and mounting kits. These may not have anything to do with your truck bed, but these are important in keeping your safety as you get in and out of your truck. They will add a step by your truck door to give you added support during truck entry and exit.

If you're looking for an effective way to improve the functionality of your truck, the parts offered by BAK Industries are great means to perk up your ride-not only in terms of functionality but as well as in terms of looks and appeal. And all the add-ons that you need, you'll find here at Parts Train without any effort at all. They come in categorized listing that makes your shopping experience easy and hassle-free. You can also shop anytime because our site is accessible 24/7.