B&M Transmission Pan & Accessories

The transmission pan that is used in your transmission is like an old pan that sits at the bottom of the transmission which holds the most part of the transmission fluid. This device is useful since it is where the transmission oil pick up is placed, and from where the transmission goes. Underneath, you may also find here a filter and other useful components. This transmission pan is also considered as an access port for any repair works to be done. One of the most trusted names when it comes to transmission pans is B&M. Every B&M transmission pan is designed to be of best quality and to ensure durability and performance.

One of the most common troubles that is experienced with the transmission pan is leakage. Leaks could be the result of a bad gasket, misplacement of the bolts, not properly fitted pan on the housing, worn out pan, and low curb scraping. An uneven sealing edge on the pan and when the gasket that used was incorrectly placed as well as warping of the pan due to overheating could also create trouble with the pan itself. But how can you distinguish if there are leaks? Once you noticed that your mileage is getting high which consumes more amount of fuel, immediately seek for a professional help. You can also check the bottom as well as the sides of the pan.

When you see some squarish-looking things on the metal pan and the bottom of the pan has a reddish-brown fluid seepage and some drips, probably this must be the transmission fluid that is leaking. If found out that the trouble is with the transmission pan, you need to replace it soon to avoid further damage. Getting a new transmission pan is actually easy here at Parts Train. Replacement B&M transmission pan are offered here, browse our catalog and find the transmission pan that suits your car.