B&M Transmission Mount & Accessories

You have probably known mounts as devices that connect different parts of an automobile to its chassis or framework similarly to how a joint connects human bones. Actually, mounts do not only connect auto parts, they also allow them to rotate and help keep them in their proper alignment. They also dampen vibration and noise so the vehicle occupants do not feel them. There are actually various kinds of mounts – the engine mount and the transmission mount. The engine mount is of course attached to the engine chassis.

The transmission mount on the other hand works with the engine mount to control torque and prevent the vibration transferred to the chassis. It is also the duty of the transmission mount to keep the linkages in their proper positions. It also forms the rear support of the transmission assembly as well as the right angling of the front of driveshaft. Typically, mounts are made from steel and rubber. Note however that rubber can easily wear out through time, heat, chemicals, and vapors. You will definitely experience vibrations and undesirable noises from the connection points when the rubber mount starts to deteriorate.

Even worse, there will be 'falling apart' of the components as well as unintended acceleration which as you know can be very risky. More so, mounts when broken can cause the exhaust pipes to leak or the radiator to be punctured. It is just sad that both the engine mount and the transmission mount are most of the time overlooked by many car owners and even mechanics although this shouldn't be. Ideally, they must be inspected with the other parts during an 'oil check' or during a major service. If you have found out that there is a need to change your transmission mount, Parts Train has something for you from B&M. Grab the superior B&M transmission kit from us and know the other B&M products available.