B&M Transmission Linkage & Accessories

The B&M transmission linkage is the system that connects the shift lever with the transmission shift forks. The shift forks are the ones that cause the transmission to shift. Yes, it is shifted by shifter forks which are also known as the sliding yokes. These are similar to the oarlocks you find in a row boat. They ride in a groove in the clutch sleeve and sliding gear and are connected to a cam and shaft assembly which is kept in the selected gear by spring loaded steel balls that jump through notches and hold the shifter forks in the gear. The shafts of the cam and shaft assembly go through the housing and are fastened to shift levers.

The synchronizers which engage the gears to the shafts are moved by the shifter. The shift levers connect to a control on the steering column or a shift stick. The clutch linkage is an arrangement of mechanical and sometimes hydraulic components. The mechanical linkage is usually consisted of the clutch pedal, a series of linkage rods, and arms, or a cable. On the other hand, the hydraulic linkage usually includes a clutch master cylinder and reservoir, a hydraulic line and a slave cylinder. Of the two, the latter has become more popular these days because it gives the manufacturer the flexibility to increase force at the clutch fork with fewer space constraints compared to mechanical linkages.

The linkage is too crucial because it is responsible for transmitting and multiplying the driver's leg force to the fork of the clutch pressure plate. The linkage, whether mechanical or hydraulic should have some adjustments for clutch play – a certain amount of slack in the clutch linkage. Parts Train has the transmission linkage you may need. B&M transmission linkage and other B&M auto parts and accessories are available right here with us and they are all waiting for excited customers like you.